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Topic: What SEASON are you in?

The first thing that comes to mind is....Elizabeth its ummmmm spring....did you not know? But I'm not talking about your traditional fall, winter, spring, summer. See I think we go through seasons in our life yearly, monthly, weekly, and even sometimes daily. We have these "seasonal changes" as you can say whenever we are in a new stage in our life. Whenever we are going through something, working to be something new, changing a habit or aspect or our life, etc. So I ask what season are you currently going through? Is it a martial season of growth? Is it a motherhood journey or figuring out what kind of mom you are or how to even be a mom? Is it a friendship season where you are finding out what it means to have friends as an adult or how to be a friend with a new busy schedule? Is it a season of a new job or new passion your trying to pursue? A season of mental health awareness, trying to get out of a fog?


My season is a season of “figuring out the future”. You see new beginnings and new opportunities may excite many people but for me IT STRESSES ME OUT but in the best way at the same time. Yeah that made so much sense. My season is revolving around trying to find a balance in work and family, trying to grow my business, and looking into the future to find a way to make my life and work sustainable for my family. Did you feel that weight on my shoulders…I do. Seasons are not always fun….sometimes it rains…and rains HARD. But like the cliché goes….there is always a rainbow at the end of every storm. So yeah my season might be HARD right now but it is also exciting (in a scary but wonderful way). And I know at the end of all of the stress there will be a beautiful rainbow and an “Ah ha” moment that makes it all worth it.


So I ask you what is your season? Lay it on me and LET ME SUPPORT you through it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! TA is community of moms that supports one another through every season!

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