Treat Yo' Self

I love treating myself. That may sound selfish out loud, but admit it, you do too. I mean who doesn’t love getting a nice treat every now and again. And it doesn’t always have to be something you buy, it can be some time to yourself to enjoy something. 

For me, one of my favorite things to do on the weekends is to get up before anyone else in my house just so I can enjoy a hot coffee in peace and quiet…that’s a treat. 

But sometimes I sleep in and my coffee time becomes chaotic. However, I REFUSE to give up on my coffee time. So in order to have my moment, I will use Bluey or Ms. Rachel as a babysitter for my toddler so I can drink my coffee without the fear of a flying toy landing in my mug (yes, that has happened before). Just as I settle in to enjoy my peppermint mocha coffee, the guilt sets in. 

Are you really using the TV to occupy your child just so you can have a coffee? How lazy are you? 

With that thought, one of two things happen, either I push the thought away and drink my coffee guiltily or I say goodbye to coffee time and hello to playing on the floor time, because I do not want to be the lazy parent. 

We’ve all felt the lazy mom guilt at one point or another, or maybe several times a day (hi, that’s me). And you can’t lie to yourself about it either, you’ve seen the moms online who fill their days personalizing activity after activity for their child, then catch up on the chores during nap time, and clean the kitchen after everyone is asleep. 

How do you compete with that? I shame myself all day for what I should be doing.

Scrolling through TikTok instead of folding laundry during nap time…shame. 

Letting your child play alone instead of interacting with them the whole time…shame. 

Heating up chicken nuggets for lunch instead of cooking a meal for them…shame. 

Reading a book before bed instead of doing something productive around the house…shame. 

We are fed day in and day out of the importance of productivity and the fear of being labeled as lazy. And the judgment never ends. 

Well I’m here to say that it is okay to look after yourself, that will make you a BETTER parent, not a lazy one. 

So what if you didn’t stay up completing a new DIY sensory activity out of pipe cleaners and a cardboard box – relaxing in that bubble bath has put you more at ease to be a happier parent in the morning. 

Who cares that the laundry has been sitting in the dryer…at least they’re clean. 

The point is, spending your Saturday afternoon lounging around the house having a movie marathon with your kids is not being lazy. It’s smart. You know when you need a break, or rest, or an hour long massage…so take it! Take the time to treat yourself in whatever way makes you feel happy and refreshed. 

So this week when you’re at the end of a long day with work, kids, husbands, and the house is quiet…for the love of all things, put the dish sponge DOWN and do something for YOU. Those dishes will still be there in the morning, but this quiet time for yourself may not be. 

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