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The TA Blog Page, "Chatting Around," features blog posts by our owners and our community members with the purpose of building a strong community and support system for parents.  See below to learn more about us!

Welcome to our TA Family! My name is Elizabeth Karabiac and along with my husband, Paul, and the inspiration of our children, Thatcher and Mazie, we own Teething Around. Teething Around was a business built out of necessity. When Thatcher started teething and drooling, I took it into my own hands to start making Thatcher's own paci clips and bibs. Almost three years later, a hobby and a passion for safe, soothing teething options for my children has turned into a business that supports our family.
We are so thankful for the love and support of all of our customers, and we value the community of parents we have met along the way. Please feel free to explore our site for our safety-tested products and check out our community builders: our blog page and social media pages. Thanks again and we are glad to call you part of our family!


  • I am so happy that I found Teething Around! It has been a lifesaver for my girl, from the bibs to the teethers to the clips to the clothes and all things in between! and of course I’m so glad to be a part of the TA community! It’s great to hear from other moms perspectives on what they do for their littles in every aspect! I cannot wait for these blog posts!

    Amber Hatcher
  • Teething around is such a unique business. It’s more like a family. The community is amazing! And of course, so are the products. We are HOOKED! I’m really looking forward to more blog posts!

  • Can’t wait to read these blog posts. Hoping to learn something new as I’m a new mom. I’ve so enjoyed TA’s products, the lives, and all the community surrounding TA.

    Samantha Uylengco
  • We love Teething Around!

    Looking forward to reading future post on the blog!

    Parenting is such a wild experience, and hearing from others really can be one of the best resources.

    Callie Smith
  • Love this family, and all of my Teething Around products! 💓

    Ashton Kessler

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